When you throw your best friend a bachelorette party you want to make her last opportunity as a single woman as fun and memorable as possible. Whether you plan to have a low-key celebration or a wild night out, be sure to follow these tips for a safe and fun bachelorette evening.

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1)     Transportation. The last thing you want to be hit with on your bachelorette night is a DUI.  We highly recommend that you have transportation planned in advance. Either have a designated driver in place, rent a cab, or rent a limousine or party bus.  If you are interested in the later, then click here.  We can recommend a great limousine company in the Sacramento area.  A DUI is quite possibly one of the worst ways to ruin a bachelorette night.  

2)    Hold on to your valuables.  We recommend bringing wristlets or some form of small purse that you can attach to your wrist to hold small items, like your ID/driver’s license, cell phone, credit card, money, and make up.  Obviously, the basic things that every women need to carry while out on the town.  And be sure it is closed and zipped up completely.

3)    Watch your drink.  Never leave your drink unattended.  Unfortunately, you can’t trust everybody and you never know who may slip a dangerous substance into your drink.  Always have it in your hand where you can see it.

4)     Watch out for each other.  Usually you know who will be drinking more than others.  For the girls who will be doing very little drinking, we recommended you take the responsibility of watching out for the others in making sure nobody is lost in the shuffle, is in an unsafe situation, or walking off with a stranger.

5)      Rent a hotel.  If you know that you will party late and transportation is not an option, then consider renting a hotel within short walking distance from your final party destination.  It is worth the trouble of a DUI and a possible car accident.

5)     Have fun. Safety is number one, but also remember to have fun.  Once you find the perfect balance of the two and are fully prepared, you can throw an awesome and memorable bachelorette party that your best friend will never forget.   

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Here are some Autumn travel tips for all you party travelers looking for fun places to get to and have fun.

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When autumn arrives, leaves hit the ground, kids leave the house and return to school, and most of those employed have already finished their short vacation time. With that in-mind, we’ve reached the proverbial “sweet spot” in the travel industry for Americans. The prices drop in this period between holidays faster than the temperatures. Travel experts abound will attest that if you have an opportunity to travel during this time, then you better go for it or you may end up regretting it later.

Spice-up your Travels

Since the best deals are to be had during the fall season, before all the holiday craziness starts, you get to do more with your money. That’s not just stating the obvious, when you’re talking about paying nearly half for travel, hotel, and, in some cases, shopping prices. If you want to enjoy everything there is to offer, and not feel guilty about it later, fall vacations really stretch the value of that dollar.

Best Fall Destinations

So, which part of the globe will give you the best bang for your buck? Well, you really can’t go wrong traveling in your own backyard, especially when it’s in-between holidays where most of the tourism is coming from out of country. That means most tourist destinations will feel more like VIP reservations, even though ticket prices are slashed.

In-terms of the best whether for this time of the year, you can’t go wrong with Southern California, or the Midwest, like Chicago. Florida also starts getting into blissful temps, but the only drawback is that the hurricane season is at its height and that makes it a little hard to plan your trip in-advanced.

Fall Favorites

Probably the most popular destination of a relatively unpopular time of the year for travelers would have to be the romance capital of the world: Paris, France. Even with it being one of the most expensive major cities in Europe, Paris becomes quite affordable if you set your sights for a fall romantic getaway. Also, in Paris, there is a special Festival that you’ll be able to experience that most travels usually only experience during the winter blitz, the Festival d’Automne, which starts in early September.

Finally, a tourist favorite that is wonderful to visit during practically anytime of the year, Greece, allows you to travel on practically a shoestring budget during the Fall. If you plan things out right and snag a travel package in-advance, you could be staying in 5-star hotels, all-inclusive transportation, tour guides, and adventures for a fraction of the cost during the summer. Yes, it may not be perfect tanning weather, however, anyone who has been to Greece knows that there is a multitude of beauty and fun to be had on any one of their extraordinary islands.

Autumn Travel tips provided to you by Oakland Limo Service.  Click here to visit their website.

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If you are in need of stylish transportation to a party, whether it’s a bachelorette, prom, or any party, I strongly recommend renting a posh party bus, but the size will depend on the size of the group.

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The party buses come with tons of great features, such as dance poles (who doesn’t want to get crazy around a dance pole?!), fiber optic lighting, neon disco lights and lasers, flat screen plasma televisions, leather seats for your comfort, DVD and iPod player, complementary drinks, premium sound systems, restrooms, and more!

Party buses are extremely hot these days. And there are many reasons to rent them over traditional limousines. One, they’re better for standing and dancing with tons of open space. If you plan to have a party, this is something to consider. It will practically feel like you’re in a dance club! Let’s consider the difference between a classic stretch limo versus a party bus.

Stretch Limousine Versus Party Bus

 Party buses are generally wider and have plushier seats, mirrored ceilings, tons of lighting, full bars, pretty much the works as I described earlier. Always be sure to book in advance when renting a party bus, especially during prom and wedding seasons. Our recommended time frame is 3 months in advance. While there is generally a large selection of party buses, it gives you the best chance of getting the party bus that you want, since there are many types.

Party buses must be driven by a chauffeur who is licensed to drive such vehicles, as a state requirement.  Also drivers who operate vehicles carrying more than 16 passengers must have a commercial driver’s license.

Why Choose a Party Bus?

For one, they’re fun! Can you think of any mode of transportation that will allow you to accommodate so many people at one time and have all of the amenities for a crazy fun night? Also, think about the convenience of taking everybody in one vehicle rather than having people drive separately. The best part, everybody who is over 21 can drink and you never have to worry about finding a designated driver! Your chauffer would be that person and oversee that everybody is enjoying themselves in a safe manner.

The cost to rent a party bus can vary hugely since there are many factors that influence pricing. For example, the number of hours you want to rent the bus for, the type and size of party bus, cost for extra amenities, travel distance, etc.

Generally the larger the group, the less it would cost per person. Do your due-diligence and call the companies up.

While there are many limo party bus companies available in the Bay Area, there is one that I have discovered to have consistent quality, performance and pricing that is unmatched and that is the San Francisco Limo Company. They have a whole fleet of party buses available which can carry anywhere between 10-60 passengers.  I have rented with this company several times in the past and have made recommendations to friends, and they have delivered each and every time.  If you would like more information, click here to visit their site and see more.




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